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Core Cover Image attachment class.

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BP_Attachment_Cover_Image:: (7 methods):

Class: BP_Attachment_Cover_Image  - X-Ref

BP Attachment Cover Image class.

Extends BP Attachment to manage the cover images uploads.

__construct()   X-Ref
The constuctor.

since: 2.4.0

get_cover_image_types( $allowed_types = array()   X-Ref
Gets the available cover image types.

since: 2.4.0
param: array $allowed_types Array of allowed cover image types.
return: string $value Comma-separated list of allowed cover image types.

validate_upload( $file = array()   X-Ref
Cover image specific rules.

Adds an error if the cover image size or type don't match BuddyPress needs.
The error code is the index of $upload_error_strings.

since: 2.4.0
param: array $file The temporary file attributes (before it has been moved).
return: array $file The file with extra errors if needed.

upload_dir_filter( $upload_dir = array()   X-Ref
Set the directory when uploading a file.

since: 2.4.0
param: array $upload_dir The original Uploads dir.
return: array $value Upload data (path, url, basedir...).

fit( $file = '', $dimensions = array()   X-Ref
Adjust the cover image to fit with advised width & height.

since: 2.4.0
param: string $file       The absolute path to the file.
param: array  $dimensions Array of dimensions for the cover image.
return: mixed

generate_filename( $file = '' )   X-Ref
Generate a filename for the cover image.

since: 2.4.0
param: string $file The absolute path to the file.
return: false|string $value The absolute path to the new file name.

script_data()   X-Ref
Build script datas for the Uploader UI.

since: 2.4.0
return: array The javascript localization data

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