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BuddyPress Tools panel.

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bp_core_admin_tools()   X-Ref
Render the BuddyPress Tools page.

since: 2.0.0

bp_admin_repair_handler()   X-Ref
Handle the processing and feedback of the admin tools page.

since: 2.0.0

bp_admin_repair_list()   X-Ref
Get the array of the repair list.

return: array

bp_admin_repair_friend_count()   X-Ref
Recalculate friend counts for each user.

since: 2.0.0
return: array

bp_admin_repair_group_count()   X-Ref
Recalculate group counts for each user.

since: 2.0.0
return: array

bp_admin_repair_blog_records()   X-Ref
Recalculate user-to-blog relationships and useful blog meta data.

since: 2.1.0
return: array

bp_admin_repair_count_members()   X-Ref
Recalculate the total number of active site members.

since: 2.0.0

bp_admin_repair_last_activity()   X-Ref
Repair user last_activity data.

Re-runs the migration from usermeta introduced in BP 2.0.

since: 2.0.0

bp_admin_invitations_table()   X-Ref
Create the invitations database table if it does not exist.
Migrate outstanding group invitations if needed.

since: 6.0.0
return: array

bp_admin_tools_feedback( $message, $class = false )   X-Ref
Assemble admin notices relating success/failure of repair processes.

since: 2.0.0
param: string      $message Feedback message.
param: string|bool $class   Unused.
return: false|Closure

bp_core_admin_available_tools_page()   X-Ref
Render the Available Tools page.

We register this page on Network Admin as a top-level home for our
BuddyPress tools. This displays the default content.

since: 2.0.0

bp_core_admin_available_tools_intro()   X-Ref
Render an introduction of BuddyPress tools on Available Tools page.

since: 2.0.0

bp_admin_reinstall_emails()   X-Ref
Delete emails and restore from defaults.

since: 2.5.0
return: array

bp_core_admin_notice_repopulate_blogs_resume()   X-Ref
Add notice on the "Tools > BuddyPress" page if more sites need recording.

This notice only shows up in the network admin dashboard.

since: 2.6.0

bp_core_admin_debug_information( $debug_info = array()   X-Ref
Add BuddyPress debug info to the WordPress Site Health info screen.

since: 5.0.0
param: array $debug_info The Site's debug info.
return: array             The Site's debug info, including the BuddyPress specific ones.

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