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BuddyPress Opt-outs management.

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bp_core_optouts_admin_load()   X-Ref
Set up the Opt-outs admin page.

Loaded before the page is rendered, this function does all initial
setup, including: processing form requests, registering contextual
help, and setting up screen options.

since: 8.0.0

bp_core_get_optouts_notice()   X-Ref
Get admin notice when viewing the optouts management page.

since: 8.0.0
return: array

bp_core_optouts_admin()   X-Ref
Opt-outs admin page router.

Depending on the context, display
- the list of optouts,
- or the delete confirmation screen,

Also prepare the admin notices.

since: 8.0.0

bp_core_optouts_admin_index()   X-Ref
This is the list of optouts.

since: 8.0.0

bp_core_optouts_admin_manage( $action = '' )   X-Ref
This is the confirmation screen for actions.

since: 8.0.0
param: string $action Delete or resend optout.
return: null|false

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