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BuddyPress Admin Actions. This file contains the actions that are used through-out BuddyPress Admin. They are consolidated here to make searching for them easier, and to help developers understand at a glance the order in which things occur.

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bp_new_site( $blog_id, $user_id, $domain, $path, $site_id, $meta )   X-Ref
When a new site is created in a multisite installation, run the activation
routine on that site.

param: int    $blog_id ID of the blog being installed to.
param: int    $user_id ID of the user the install is for.
param: string $domain  Domain to use with the install.
param: string $path    Path to use with the install.
param: int    $site_id ID of the site being installed to.
param: array  $meta    Metadata to use with the site creation.
since: 1.7.0

bp_admin_init()   X-Ref
Piggy back admin_init action.

since: 1.7.0

bp_admin_menu()   X-Ref
Piggy back admin_menu action.

since: 1.7.0

bp_admin_head()   X-Ref
Piggy back admin_head action.

since: 1.7.0

bp_admin_notices()   X-Ref
Piggy back admin_notices action.

since: 1.7.0

bp_admin_enqueue_scripts( $hook_suffix = '' )   X-Ref
Piggy back admin_enqueue_scripts action.

param: string $hook_suffix The current admin page, passed to
since: 1.7.0

bp_register_importers()   X-Ref
Dedicated action to register BuddyPress importers.

since: 1.7.0

bp_register_admin_style()   X-Ref
Dedicated action to register admin styles.

since: 1.7.0

bp_register_admin_settings()   X-Ref
Dedicated action to register admin settings.

since: 1.7.0

bp_admin_display_directory_states( $post_states = array()   X-Ref
Dedicated filter to inform about BP components directory page states.

param: string[] $post_states An array of post display states.
param: WP_Post  $post        The current post object.
since: 10.0.0

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