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Functions related to embedding single activity items externally.

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bp_activity_setup_oembed()   X-Ref
Loads our activity oEmbed component.

since: 2.6.0

bp_activity_embed_excerpt_onclick_location_filter( $text )   X-Ref
Catch links in embed excerpt so top.location.href can be added.

Due to <iframe sandbox="allow-top-navigation">, links in embeds can only be
clicked if invoked with top.location.href via JS.

return: string
since: 2.6.0
param: string $text Embed excerpt

bp_activity_embed_excerpt_onclick_location_filter_callback( $matches )   X-Ref
Add onclick="top.location.href" to a link.

return: string
since: 2.6.0
param: array $matches Items matched by bp_activity_embed_excerpt_onclick_location_filter().

bp_activity_embed_add_inline_styles()   X-Ref
Add inline styles for BP activity embeds.

since: 2.6.0

bp_activity_embed_has_activity( $activity_id = 0 )   X-Ref
Query for the activity item on the activity embed template.

Basically a wrapper for {@link bp_has_activities()}, but allows us to
use the activity loop without requerying for it again.

return: bool
since: 2.6.0
param: int $activity_id The activity ID.

bp_activity_embed_excerpt( $content = '' )   X-Ref
Outputs excerpt for an activity embed item.

since: 2.6.0

bp_activity_get_embed_excerpt( $content = '' )   X-Ref
Generates excerpt for an activity embed item.

return: string
since: 2.6.0
param: string $content The content to generate an excerpt for.

bp_activity_embed_media()   X-Ref
Outputs the first embedded item in the activity oEmbed template.

since: 2.6.0

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