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bbPress Signups This file contains functions for assisting with adding forum data to user accounts during signup, account creation, and invitation.

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Functions that are not part of a class:

bbp_add_user_form_role_field()   X-Ref
Output the forum-role field when adding a new user

since: 2.6.0 bbPress (r6674)

bbp_user_add_role_to_signup_meta( $meta = array()   X-Ref
Maybe add forum role to signup meta array

return: array
param: array $meta
since: 2.6.0 bbPress (r6674)

bbp_user_add_role_on_invite( $user_id = '', $role = '', $newuser_key = '' )   X-Ref
Add forum meta data when inviting a user to a site

param: int    $user_id     The invited user's ID.
param: array  $role        The role of invited user.
param: string $newuser_key The key of the invitation.
since: 2.6.0 bbPress (r6674)

bbp_user_add_role_on_register( $user_id = '' )   X-Ref
Single-site handler for adding a new user

param: int $user_id
since: 2.6.0 bbPress (r6674)

bbp_user_add_role_on_activate( $user_id = 0, $password = '', $meta = array()   X-Ref
Multi-site handler for adding a new user

param: int $user_id User ID.
since: 2.6.0 bbPress (r6674)

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