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bbPress Users Admin Class

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BBP_Users_Admin:: (9 methods):

Class: BBP_Users_Admin  - X-Ref

Loads bbPress users admin area

__construct()   X-Ref
The bbPress users admin loader

since: 2.0.0 bbPress (r2515)

setup_actions()   X-Ref
Setup the admin hooks, actions and filters

since: 2.0.0 bbPress (r2646)

secondary_role_display( $profileuser )   X-Ref
Default interface for setting a forum role

return: bool Always false
since: 2.2.0 bbPress (r4285)
param: WP_User $profileuser User data

user_role_bulk_dropdown( $which )   X-Ref
Add bulk forums role dropdown to the WordPress users table

since: 2.2.0 bbPress (r4360)
since: 2.6.0 bbPress (r6055) Introduced the `$which` parameter.
param: string $which The location of the extra table nav markup: 'top' or 'bottom'.

user_role_bulk_change()   X-Ref
Process bulk dropdown form submission from the WordPress Users

return: bool Always false
since: 2.2.0 bbPress (r4365)

user_row_actions( $actions = array()   X-Ref
Add a "View" link for each user

return: array Actions with 'view' link added to them
since: 2.6.0 bbPress (r6502)
param: array   $actions
param: WP_User $user

user_role_column( $columns = array()   X-Ref
Add Forum Role column to the WordPress Users table, and change the
core role title to "Site Role"

return: array $columns
since: 2.2.0 bbPress (r4337)
param: array $columns Users table columns

user_role_row( $retval = '', $column_name = '', $user_id = 0 )   X-Ref
Return user's forums role for display in the WordPress Users list table

return: string Displayable bbPress user role
since: 2.2.0 bbPress (r4337)
param: string $retval
param: string $column_name
param: int $user_id

user_role_list_filter( $roles, $user )   X-Ref
Filter the list of roles included in the WordPress site role list

Ensures forum roles are only displayed under the Forum Role list in the
WordPress Users list table

return: array $roles
since: 2.6.0 bbPress (r6051)

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