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bbPress PHPWind Converter

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PHPWind:: (8 methods):

Class: PHPWind  - X-Ref

Implementation of PHPWind Forum converter.

__construct()   X-Ref
Main Constructor

setup_globals()   X-Ref
Sets up the field mappings

info()   X-Ref
This method allows us to indicates what is or is not converted for each

callback_savepass( $field, $row )   X-Ref
This method is to save the salt and password together.  That
way when we authenticate it we can get it out of the database
as one value. Array values are auto sanitized by WordPress.

authenticate_pass( $password, $serialized_pass )   X-Ref
This method is to take the pass out of the database and compare
to a pass the user has typed in.

callback_forum_type( $status = 1 )   X-Ref
Translate the forum type from PHPWind v9.x Capitalised case to WordPress's non-capatilise case strings.

param: int $status PHPWind v9.x numeric forum type
return: string WordPress safe

callback_topic_status( $status = 2 )   X-Ref
Translate the post status from PHPWind v9.x numerics to WordPress's strings.

param: int $status PHPWind v9.x numeric topic status
return: string WordPress safe

callback_topic_reply_count( $count = 1 )   X-Ref
Verify the topic/reply count.

param: int $count PHPWind v9.x topic/reply counts
return: string WordPress safe

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